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“The evolution, emergence, development, and maintenance of stereotypes”  

Jena workshop on intergroup relations, June 27th – June 30st, 2019, Castle Eyba/Saalfeld (Germany) 

Eyba    23  Schloss

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support by the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP), the German Research Foundation (DFG), and the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.

This meeting aims to bring together researchers interested in the (social) phenomenon of stereotypes. People treat groups and their members according to their stereotypes, use stereotypes to justify their behavior, and acquire stereotypes to become accepted by others. Stereotypes may facilitate social interactions, but also instigate social distance and conflict. A comprehensive understanding of the stereotypes that people have about their own and other groups means to identify their biases, potentials, and risks.  

The formation of stereotypes may be contingent on the information distribution in our environment. However, certain sets of information are used to categorize some groups but not others. There is also support indicating that stereotypes contrast categories, or differentiate one’s ingroup from particular outgroups. Are stereotypes thus accurate, or do they distort our perception of the social world? How are social groups seen and how do they want to be seen? Would considering this help to solve social conflicts? In the meeting, we would like to discuss current approaches to stereotypes, including principles that guide the evolution of stereotypes, formation and maintenance of stereotypes through general perceptual mechanisms, the (strategic) use of stereotypes about ingroups and outgroups, and their consequences for intra- and intergroup relations.  

We are happy to announce our invited keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Juliane Degner (University of Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Christian Unkelbach (University of Cologne), & Prof. Dr. Vincent Yzerbyt (Université Catolique de Louvain). 

The format of this meeting is single‐session, with a strong focus on intensive discussion of unresolved underlying issues reflected in the schedule. We invite junior researchers as well as senior researchers to submit a 200 words summary of their proposed presentation by March 10th, 2019, to Stefanie Hechler ( A participation fee of 100€ for PhD Students, and 200€ for Post-Doc participants, will be charged. It includes accommodation and full board. Stefanie Hechler (, DeliahBolesta ( and Thomas Kessler ( are happy to answer any inquiries related to the workshop. 


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