17th Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes, June 25th – 28th, 2015 “Social Justice: Inequality and Recognition”

EASP Medium Size Meeting on Social Justice: Inequality and Recognition

In this EASP medium size meeting (from June 25th to 28th 2015 in Castle Oppurg, Germany) we will focus on social justice, social inequality and recognition. In face of the increasing poverty gap around the globe, we believe it is time for a social psychological meeting on social justice that not only incorporates, but goes beyond, the discussion of distributive and procedural fairness, through inclusion of the perspective of recognition respect as a basis for group life. Social inequality is a severe societal challenge as it is associated with psychological and behavioral indicators such as reduced well-being and life expectancy, poor education, enhanced delinquent behavior, amongst others. Thus, social inequality raises important social justice issues that modern societies must confront. The concept of recognition offers a new and promising perspective on social inequality and social justice. From a philosophical perspective, recognition refers to basic spheres of social relations
such as caring, respect, and appreciation. Moreover, it raises the question whether general justice conceptions regulate relations in society, or whether relations demand their own justice conceptions. The workshop will focus on conceptual and empirical questions such as how to integrate recognition, justice, and social inequality in order to understand and explain the negative effects of social inequality; how are justice principles expressed in various types of relations; and how does recognition change, maintain, or buffer social inequality effects.

In addition to the two invited keynote speakers (Prof. Jolanda Jetten and Prof. Bernd Simon), we invite senior researchers, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students to present and discuss their empirical work.

Following the tradition of the Jena Workshops on Intergroup Processes, the format of this medium?size meeting is single?session, with a strong focus on intensive discussion of unresolved underlying issues reflected in the schedule.

Researchers interested in participation are invited to submit a 200 word summary of their proposed presentation by February 27th, 2015, to Thomas Kessler (mailto:thomas.kessler@uni-jena.de ) and Stefanie Hechler (mailto:stefanie.hechler@uni-jena.de ).
A participation fee will be charged. In the preceding years, this fee was around 100 EUR for PhD Students, and 200 EUR for Post-Doc participants, including accommodation and full board.

The meeting is funded by the EASP. The Jena Team is happy to answer any inquiries related to the workshop.

Nicole Harth, Thomas Kessler & Stefanie Hechler